Nicole Sunshine Coast

I’ve been on a healing journey for a few years now, after experiencing several years of chronic physical and emotional stress that created exhaustion and chronic pain in my body. I was intuitively drawn to Jules and her work as I was searching for a gentle and kind approach to continue my healing journey. During the session, I experienced a deep meditative state and felt my body relax in a way that I don’t remember experiencing for a very long time. Once the treatment was complete, and my attention came back to the room, I had a profound awareness about my emotional healing journey that felt a little bit like coming home. As I was driving home, I experienced a surreal moment of peace and had a sensation as though my heart spontaneously opened and I could perceive ME. I could perceive the pure, authentic, vulnerable self. It was like being reacquainted with an old friend, one whom I had been missing and searching for, for quite a while. There were not fireworks or epiphanies, just a beautiful, calm heart opening moment and subtle changes have continued to flow through as I continue the journey. Embodyment is the perfect name for this therapy, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is longing to come home to themselves.”

Hannah, Brisbane

To say that Jules is an incredible teacher and practitioner is an understatement. Jules has confidently guided me

down a path I never saw coming enabling me to be more self aware of my body and its needs. There is an incredible

sense of nurturing and kind energy that not only fills Jules but surrounds her when she manages you and your

treatment plan. I am confident that because of her success with me, she will be very successful healing the world

one person at a time.

Jo, Sunshine Coast

"I started seeing Jules for ongoing lower back pain and chronic muscle tension. Over the past 5 weeks, through her Embodyment sessions, Yoga Therapy and personalised yoga poses, I feel like I am well on my way to recovery. These sessions have not only helped me physically - I have noticed a huge reduction in my anxiety levels too. I always leave Jules feeling wonderful, calm and relaxed" ~ Jo