Discussion Group

MONDAY 196th august 2019


  10.45 am after class

   with Chai and Cake



Whatever time you have spent doing yoga, you know that your experience gives you so much more than a healthier body.

What is that for you?

Here is an opportunity to explore that question for you and to learn from others.

We will use the monthly contemplation articles as a starting point for discussion. This is a great way to expand and deepen your experience.

I invite you to join me in this venture of ‘more yoga’!

Neck & Shoulders Workshop



                   9am - 11.30am

          Followed by Chai and Cake



Gain improvement in your neck and shoulders, with immediate and tangible results! 

More than merely physical, you begin to reconnect your head and heart, giving you inner healing through the Svaroopa® yoga process of lifting and lightening your whole spine, all the way through your neck and head.

23 Johnsons Road

Eudlo   QLD   4554         

   0410 392 844

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