About Brahmini (Jules) Watson

Since my 20s I had chronic sacroiliac and low back pain and after 14 years of suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I came across Svaroopa® Yoga.

At that stage of my life I had already followed a path to healing through diet and natural therapies and I read lots of self-help books but nothing really changed.

I signed up for a series of Embodyment® Therapy sessions which had an amazing effect of my body and mind and I knew I’d found something deeply healing and nourishing.

The Yoga was the icing on the cake! At that stage of my journey away from ill health, it gave me all the self-help I needed and more. I remember my favourite parts of the class were Shavasana and the teacher adjustments, it took quite a few classes until I noticed the release in the poses (this was not instant for me because I was so wound up and out of touch with my body... I didn’t know how to relax!). I was intrigued by this new realm - it was very different to anything I had experienced before and I felt inspired.

I took Svaroopa®Yoga Foundations Training and attended as many organised Svaroopa® events and trainings as were available to me.

I was thrilled and honoured to have achieved the level of Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher, Embodyment® Yoga Therapist and Svaroopa®Yoga Thereapist - treating pain. I feel blessed to be part of this powerful, unique and healing yoga style. I started teaching yoga in 2013 in Brisbane whilst running a fashion boutique in West End.

My love of the forest drew me to Eudlo on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where I have created a sanctuary for Yoga classes and Therapy, my own Meditation, rest and reflection. My classes are offered authentically and wholehearted through the Grace of our lineage. My teaching style is light and joyous imparting knowledge with generosity, encouraging and inspiring students to do home practice to take care of their bodies and reduce stress and anxiety. I love teaching and watching my students’ tensions unravel as they work through the blissful and supported poses.

My regular Yoga and Meditation practice has led me to a sense of self that I am happy to be with and I now have balance in my life, ease and vibrancy in my body that gets better with age – how good is that!