Any given day brings an abundance of wildlife and beauty...

Our spacious three acre property is beautifully positioned among the gum trees with pockets of rainforest in the upper Mooloolah Valley.

Enjoy quiet forest surrounds with abundant bird life and other native animals, simply taking time out to stop and breathe the pristine forest air is a refreshing tonic - It's like pressing the reset button when you spend time in nature, to take in the fragrance and natural beauty that surrounds us.

A game of Croquet on the lawn is always a bit of a hoot or just find a quiet spot to take a bean bag and a cuppa to read your favourite book.

I love capturing the birds and wild life on camera as they present themselves quite cheekily at times for my attention. Please enjoy my photo gallery.


Pale-headed Rosella
What delightful colours on this pair of visitors
Path view
A tranquil place with a view through to the ridge beyond
Family fun on the lawn
A fun game of Croquet - spare the rules.
The penthouse!
Nothing but the best for the girls who supply your brealfast!
Sunflower garden in spring
The girls
Fresh eggs for breakfast from these girls.
Neville the King Parrot
What a gorgeous pop of colour these beautiful birds bring to our garden - not shy at all.
Wood Ducks
A toasty fire
A campfire is a lovely way to settle in to relax and watch the dancing flames.
Tawney Frog Mouth Owl
Tawney frog mouth owls come regularly to forage in the paper bark trees
A cloudy day
The mist and cloud that settle on the mountains at times brings a restful feeling.
Butcher BIrd
A young butcher bird find a rocky vantage point to search his prey
From the terrace
King parrots, daily visitors
Mandy season
Croquet anyone?
Fun and lawn games
Hippity hop! just passing
Hello Cocky
The Dam
White headed pigeon
Autumn in flower
Red Hot Pokers make a lovely Autumn display
Such a peaceful spot
Happy little fella
Green Tree Frog
Black Cockys daily visit
You can't catch me
Hey you there!
Top Dam
A cool little waterhole with dancing dragonflies
Wompoo Fruit Dove
Nesting high in the silky oak tree
Stairs to the dam
Cheeky possum
Look what the birds left for me
Fluffy ears
Captured this little fella coming down to drink at the dam on a very hot day
Grapes are great
Lorikeets love a bath
Wood ducks come occasionaly
Table in the woods
A place to sit and be in peaceful surrandings
Female king parrot
Resident female king parrot
Earthy Art
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